Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1

In the dim glow of a rustic whiskey bar, the name “Kentucky Owl” whispers like a secret passed down through generations. It’s more than a drink; it’s a legend etched into oak barrels, a symphony of flavors waiting to dance on your palate. But what makes Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1 so revered? Why do aficionados hunt it down like treasure seekers? Let’s pull back the curtain on this enigmatic bourbon, sip by sip, and explore the hidden stories that swirl within its amber depths.

Buckle up, fellow connoisseurs. We’re embarking on a journey where every drop holds secrets, and every sip whispers tales of Kentucky’s moonlit nights. 

The Origins: A Whiskey Born from Heritage

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1
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Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1 emerges from the heart of America’s bourbon country – Kentucky. Its roots trace back to the late 1800s when a pharmacist named Charles Mortimer Dedman began blending small batches of bourbon for friends and family. This clandestine alchemy laid the foundation for what would become a revered legacy.

The Dedman Legacy: A Whiskey Whispered Through Generations

  • Charles Dedman’s secret recipe was passed down like a cherished heirloom. Each generation safeguarded the knowledge, refining the art of blending.
  • Batch No. 1 pays homage to Dedman’s vision, resurrecting his spirit in every drop. It’s not just bourbon; it’s a bridge across time.
Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1
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The Art of Blending: Crafting Complexity

Master Blender’s Symphony

In the hallowed halls of whiskey craftsmanship, the master blender steps onto the stage. Their baton? Not wood, but barrels – each containing a symphony of aged bourbons. The orchestra? A harmonious blend of flavors, each note carefully composed.

Batch No. 1 isn’t a solo act; it’s a collaboration of spirits aged from 7 to 14 years. Imagine the conductor’s precision as they weave together rich caramel, toasted oak, and whispers of vanilla. It’s not just about balance; it’s about creating a masterpiece that resonates on the palate.

The Secret Ingredient: Two 4-Year-Olds

Among the seasoned veterans, two 4-year-olds tiptoe into the blend. Their youthfulness adds vibrancy, like wildflowers in a sun-drenched meadow.

These young spirits infuse Batch No. 1 with life – a burst of energy that dances alongside the mature flavors. It’s a secret whispered across generations, a nod to the past and a promise for the future. 

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1
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Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1 Tasting Notes

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1 Tasting Notes
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Aromas That Beckon

Close your eyes. Inhale. The air carries a sweet duet – cornbread and nutmeg. They mingle, beckoning you deeper into the glass. The promise of warmth and comfort dances on the breeze, embodied by brown sugar. It’s an olfactory embrace, inviting you to explore further.

The Palate’s Canvas

As the bourbon touches your tongue, cornbread takes center stage. Imagine it – buttery, golden, like a slice fresh from the oven. Butterscotch swirls around it, a sweet companion that lingers. And then, like a mischievous guest at a grand ball, baking spice tiptoes in. Cinnamon and clove pirouette, leaving a hint of intrigue. Each sip paints a canvas of flavors, layers unfolding.

Proof: The Sweet Spot

115.8 – not just a number etched on the label. It’s the sweet spot where flavors bloom. Not too fiery, scorching the senses. Not too timid, fading into oblivion. Sip slowly; let it unfold like a well-worn map leading to hidden treasures. This proof is the compass guiding your taste buds through a labyrinth of sensations.

The Price Tag: Worth Every Cent?

The Investment Dilemma

At $400 per bottle, Batch No. 1 isn’t pocket change. But this isn’t mere liquid; it’s a collector’s dream. Consider it an investment in more than taste – it’s an investment in stories shared, memories forged. Suddenly, the price seems justified. As you hold that glass, you’re not just sipping bourbon; you’re sipping history, distilled and aged to perfection. 

Legacy and Relaunch: The Wise Man’s Bourbon

Prohibition’s Interruption

During the dark days of Prohibition, when the country thirsted for spirits but the law forbade their flow, Kentucky Owl faced an icy grip. The owl, once a symbol of wisdom and freedom, retreated – its wings clipped by the temperance movement. The barrels lay dormant, their contents hidden from the world. Yet, legends don’t fade; they bide their time. Charles Mortimer Dedman’s legacy whispered through the years, waiting for its moment.

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1
Credits to Bourbon Culture

Resurrection: Batch No. 1

Then, like a phoenix rising from charred barrels, Batch No. 1 emerged. The owl spread its wings anew, feathers kissed by fire. It wasn’t merely bourbon; it was a revival, a testament to resilience. The same spirit that once flowed freely now defied the odds. With each sip, Batch No. 1 carried the weight of history – a nod to those who kept the flame alive during the dry years. It became more than a drink; it became a beacon, guiding seekers back to the heart of bourbon.

Where to Find It: The Quest Begins

Scarcity and Hunt

Like chasing fireflies on a summer night, finding Batch No. 1 requires patience. It hides in the shadows, waiting for those who seek more than a bottle – those who seek a story. Specialty liquor stores hold the key; their shelves, like ancient scrolls, whisper secrets. Ask the proprietor; let the owl’s name slip from your lips. Perhaps it will grace your shelf, nestled among other treasures.

Claim Your Spot

Reserve your place in this saga. When you sip Batch No. 1, you sip history. The owl watches, wise and knowing, as you unlock its secrets. Each drop carries the echo of Dedman’s apothecary, the resilience of a bygone era. So raise your glass, fellow seeker, and toast to the journey – from scarcity to revelation.

Final Analysis

As our journey through the amber-hued labyrinth of Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1 draws to a close, let us linger a moment longer. This isn’t merely a spirit; it’s a whispered tale of moonlit nights, of generations passing down secrets like cherished heirlooms.

Charles Mortimer Dedman, the pharmacist-turned-alchemist, wove magic into each blend – a symphony of caramel, oak, and vanilla. And that price tag? It’s not just dollars; it’s an investment in memories. The owl, once silenced by Prohibition, now soars again. Batch No. 1 is its triumphant song, echoing through time.

So, fellow seekers of flavor, raise your glasses. Sip slowly, savor the hidden notes, and know that with every drop, you’re part of a legacy.


What Is the Story Behind Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 1?

  • Founded in 1879 by C.M. Dedman, Kentucky Owl produced “The Wise Man’s Bourbon” for decades.
  • Prohibition interrupted its storied history, but the brand was relaunched with Batch #1 in 2014.

How Does Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #12 Compare?

  • Batch #12, released in November 2022, blends 7- to 14-year-old bourbons with two 4-year-olds.
  • A quintessential classic sip, it balances sweetness, spice, and a satisfying finish.
  • Despite the $400 price tag, its taste won’t disappoint those who appreciate fine bourbon.

What About Kentucky Owl Rye Batch 1?

  • Kentucky Owl’s first rye release, Batch 1, remains mysterious.
  • The undisclosed number of barrels used and the introduction to the market add to its allure.

What Makes Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #11 Stand Out?

  • Batch #11, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, continues the legacy.
  • Its rich consistency and full-flavored profile make it a worthy addition to any collection.


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