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The Best Coffee in Tacoma 2023: A Slow Sip into Luxury

Tacoma, Washington, isn’t just the birthplace of some incredible BBQ and an exceptional appreciation for the finer things in life, like the refined notes in a glass of bourbon or the luxurious feel of silk pajamas. It’s also home to a thriving coffee culture that’ll make you wish you could savor every sip in slow motion.

A city known for its magnificent views, resonates with a quiet confidence that’s mirrored in its coffee culture. From beans that beckon to brews that tantalize, I’ve curated the crème de la crème of Tacoma’s coffee houses, all for the connoisseur who appreciates the blend of refinement, luxury, and leisure.

Coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. It’s the faithful friend that accompanies you through long, lazy weekends, comforting you like a worn-in leather chair. So come along, my leisure-loving friends, as we explore the best coffee spots in Tacoma, where every cup is a masterclass in quiet confidence and refinement.

What are the Top Best Coffee in Tacoma?

Narrowing down Tacoma’s tantalizing coffee scene to the top three is like trying to pick the best tie to match your custom-tailored suit – a delightful dilemma. But fear not, I’ve curated the absolute must-visits for the gentleman with a taste for refinement. Here are the top 3 must-visit Coffee Shops in Tacoma:

Bluebeard Coffee – The Bearded BrewValhalla Coffee Co. – Coffee Worthy of OdinCosmonaut Coffee – A Galactic Gusto
Ahoy, Captain Caffeine! Bluebeard Coffee sets sail to conquer your taste buds with its maritime charm. The beans here are as robust as a pirate’s beard and as refined as his treasure chest. This place is more than just a café; it’s a swashbuckling adventure in a cup.Call in the Valkyries, because Valhalla Coffee Co. is an ethereal experience. With blends that could summon the gods themselves, this coffee haven is a mythological marvel. The baristas here don’t just brew coffee; they forge masterpieces, one heavenly cup at a time. Prepare for liftoff, becauseCosmonaut Coffee’s blends are astronomically good. It’s not just a coffee; it’s an interstellar experience. The tastes here are as expansive as the universe and as thrilling as a moonwalk in your finest leisurewear.
Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, best coffee shops in tacomaValhalla coffee .co best coffee shop in tacomaCosmonaut Coffee best coffee shops in tacoma

Bluebeard Coffee – The Bearded Brew

Aye, matey! Bluebeard Coffee is not for the faint of heart. It’s where strong coffee meets even stronger facial hair. Imagine a coffee so rich, it can grow a beard of its own. The ideal spot to debate whether your bourbon should have a neat beard or a clean shave.

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to bluebeardcoffee

Valhalla Coffee Co. – Coffee Worthy of Odin

If Odin were a coffee lover, he’d hang out here. Valhalla Coffee Co. is where gods and mortals alike come to enjoy heavenly roasts. Thor’s hammer? Nope, just the espresso machine working its magic.

Valhalla coffee .co best  coffee shop in tacoma
Credits to valhallacoffee

Bob’s Java Jive – The Quirky Quench

Ever sipped coffee inside a giant coffee pot? At Bob’s Java Jive, you can do just that. It’s like a leisurely vacation inside your favorite mug. Leave the tie at home and get your jive on!

bob’s java jive – the quirky quench  best coffee shops in tacoma

Cosmonaut Coffee – A Galactic Gusto

A coffee that’s out of this world. Literally! Cosmonaut Coffee offers blends that’ll launch your taste buds into orbit. I hear the astronauts prefer the dark roast.

Cosmonaut Coffee best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to

Anthem Coffee & Tea | Downtown Tacoma – The Patriotic Pour

The only thing more American than BBQ is Anthem Coffee & Tea. It’s like the National Anthem, but for your mouth. And you bet, every cup comes with freedom of flavor.

Athena coffee and tea best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to anthemcoffee

Manifesto Coffee Roasters – The Coffee Declaration

Want a brew with a philosophy? At Manifesto Coffee Roasters, every cup has a story. It’s where existential crisis meets exquisite taste. Coffee beans with a mission!

Manifesto coffee, best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to manifesto_coffee

Metro Coffee – Urban Chic in a Cup

Hip, urban, and as cool as your favorite leather jacket. Metro Coffee brings the city’s vibe into your cup. It’s like sipping downtown Tacoma, one luxurious gulp at a time.

Metro coffee, best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to metrocoffeetacoma

Lift Bridge Coffee – Elevate Your Espresso

The Golden Gate has nothing on Lift Bridge Coffee. It’s where coffee meets engineering marvels. A blend so uplifting, it’ll build bridges between your morning and evening cup.

Olympia Coffee Roasting – Roasting Royalty

A coffee fit for emperors. Or at least for someone who wears socks with sandals. Olympia Coffee Roasting is where the elite beans go to become liquid gold.

olympia coffee roasting, best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to olympiacoffee

Gravity Coffee

Gravity Coffee doesn’t just serve coffee; they create an orbit of awesomeness around your cup! Their drive-thru service is quicker than a hiccup on a hot grill. It’s like the fast lane for coffee connoisseurs! Combine that with their strong, smooth, and consistent brews, and you’ve got a coffee experience that pulls you in like… well, gravity.

Gravity coffee, best coffee shops in tacoma
Credits to gravitycoffeeus

Red Elm Cafe

Red Elm Cafe is a place where community and caffeine mingle in sweet harmony. With a strong focus on inclusivity and community, they offer more than just a cuppa Joe. They provide local produce, vegan options, and an ambiance as warm as a good ol’ Kentucky hug. A visit to Red Elm Cafe is like going to your favorite family gathering – but with better coffee!

Red Elm Cafe Best Coffee in Tacoma

Bostwick Cafe

Bostwick Cafe is to coffee what a perfectly marinated brisket is to BBQ – simply essential. They offer a blend of classic comfort with a twist of modern flair, creating a unique coffee experience. With friendly staff, a cozy atmosphere, and pastries to die for, Bostwick Cafe is a haven for those who appreciate life’s finer sips.

Bostwick cafe, best coffee shops in tacoma

What are Coffee Shops in Tacoma Like?

  1. The Culture of Craftsmanship Many of Tacoma’s coffee shops pride themselves on a craftsmanship that reflects the city’s artistic soul. Baristas who treat each cup like a masterpiece, locally sourced beans, and brewing techniques that would make a sommelier blush. Places like Bluebeard Coffee embody this dedication to craft.
  2. A Taste of History You’ll find a delightful blend of the old and new in coffee in Tacoma houses. From the vintage vibes of Bob’s Java Jive, shaped like an enormous coffee pot, to the modern chic designs of cosmopolitan spots, the city’s rich history is reflected in its cafés.
  3. A Connection to Community Many coffee shops serve as community hubs where neighbors catch up, artists find inspiration, and the hustle of daily life takes a back seat to leisurely conversations. Places like Metro Coffee are much more than caffeine pit stops; they’re the living rooms of Tacoma.
  4. Themed Cafés with Personality Get ready to be a space traveler at Cosmonaut Coffee or feel like you’ve entered the halls of Valhalla at Valhalla Coffee Co. Tacoma’s coffee shops are as diverse as a BBQ menu, each with its unique theme and atmosphere.
  5. Sustainability and Ethical Brewing From organic beans to environmentally friendly practices, many Tacoma cafés align with the global shift towards responsible consumption. They’re not just serving coffee; they’re serving the Earth.
  6. A Paired Experience Coffee isn’t just served solo here. You’ll find delightful pairings, from delicious pastries to craft beer and even some bourbon-inspired drinks. It’s a culinary adventure that complements the city’s love for gourmet experiences.

Tacoma’s coffee shops are as rich and complex as the best espresso blend. They offer a glimpse into a city that values artistry, history, community, and, above all, a refined enjoyment of life.

Why Do I Need to Know the Best Coffee Shops in Tacoma?

  1. Elevate Your Taste Buds Life’s too short for bad coffee, and in Tacoma, you have the opportunity to explore coffee that’s brewed with the elegance of a well-aged bourbon. Knowing the best coffee in Tacoma means you won’t just sip coffee; you’ll experience it. It’s like trading your everyday shoes for Italian leather loafers – once you try the best, there’s no going back.
  2. A Social Swagger Impress friends, business associates, or even a date by guiding them to the crème de la crème of Tacoma’s coffee scene. Show off your knowledge of local gems like Valhalla Coffee Co. or Bluebeard Coffee, and you’ll be hailed as the town’s unofficial Coffee Czar.
  3. Connect with the Heart of Tacoma Coffee shops in Tacoma aren’t just places to refuel; they’re the soul of the city. By savoring the best, you’re immersing yourself in Tacoma’s culture, community, and art. It’s like having a front-row seat at the opera of urban life.
  4. A Base for Leisure and Luxur For the gentleman who appreciates the finer things, Tacoma’s top coffee shops offer a blend of leisure, luxury, and tranquility. Whether it’s enjoying a single-origin pour-over or relaxing with a coffee-infused cocktail, you’ll be indulging in the good life.
  5. The Adventure of Discovery Let’s face it; life can get mundane. But discovering the best coffee shops is an adventure filled with new flavors, novel experiences, and unexpected delights. It’s like finding hidden treasure but in a cup.
  6. Networking with a Twist Coffee shops are the modern-day saloons. Rub shoulders with Tacoma’s innovators, creators, and influencers. Who knows, your next big idea or collaboration could be brewing right there at Cosmonaut Coffee.

Knowing the best coffee shops in Tacoma isn’t just about the caffeine; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of refinement, enjoyment, and connection. It’s a tasteful journey for those who live life with a discerning palate and a hunger for excellence.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re a Tacoma native or a traveler with a taste for the extraordinary, I hope this exploration has enriched your coffee repertoire and sprinkled a bit of luxury into your daily grind.

Remember, dear readers, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a way of life. It’s the slow sip on a leisurely morning, the shared laughter over a steaming mug, the quiet reflection in a cozy corner of your favorite café. In Tacoma’s top coffee shops, you’ll find all this and more – a brew that’s as rich, complex, and satisfying as life itself.

So keep those pinkies up, those palettes refined, and those spirits as high as a perfectly poured cappuccino foam. Until our next adventure through the world of coffee, bourbon, BBQ, and all things delightful, stay dapper, stay caffeinated, and keep savoring the slow-paced joy of living well.


Q: What makes Tacoma’s coffee culture unique?
A: Tacoma’s coffee culture is a blend of artistry, community, history, and innovation. It’s a scene that’s both warm and sophisticated, where every sip offers a taste of the city’s soul.

Q: Are there any specialty coffee shops in Tacoma?
A: Absolutely! Tacoma is brimming with specialty coffee shops like Bluebeard Coffee and Valhalla Coffee Co., where unique brewing methods and carefully sourced beans create coffee experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

Q: Can I find sustainable and ethically sourced coffee in Tacoma?
A: You bet your favorite coffee mug! Many coffee shops in Tacoma prioritize sustainability and ethically sourced beans. Your taste buds and Mother Earth will thank you.

Q: Where can I find the best coffee and pastry pairing?
A: Treat yourself at places like Red Elm Cafe and Bostwick Cafe, where the pastries are as heavenly as the coffee. It’s a pairing as perfect as a well-marinated rack of ribs!

Q: Is Tacoma’s coffee scene influenced by Seattle?
A: While Tacoma’s big brother, Seattle, may be known for its coffee, Tacoma has carved out its unique niche. Think of it as the smooth jazz to Seattle’s rock ‘n’ roll – related but distinct.

Q: Can I expect live music or art in Tacoma’s coffee shops?
A: Many Tacoma coffee shops, like Anthem Coffee & Tea, host live music and display local art. It’s culture with your coffee, darling!

Q: Is there a coffee shop suitable for business meetings or remote work?
A: Indeed! Spots like Metro Coffee and Lift Bridge Coffee offer that perfect balance of ambiance and amenities for the modern working gentleman.

Q: Where can I experience Tacoma’s history through coffee?
A: Step back in time at places like Bob’s Java Jive, a Tacoma icon since the 1920s. It’s like sipping a cup of history!

Q: What’s the coffee like at Cosmonaut Coffee Co.?
A: It’s out of this world! Cosmonaut Coffee offers a galactic experience, where coffee exploration knows no bounds.

Q: Can I find international coffee styles in Tacoma?
A: Tacoma’s coffee culture is as international as a jet-setting playboy! From Italian espressos to Turkish delights, your passport to global coffee is right here in the city.

Q: Is there a coffee shop that offers coffee classes or tastings?
A: For sure! Places like Manifesto Coffee Roasters often host classes, tastings, and events for those looking to elevate their coffee game. It’s like going to school, but with more caffeine and fewer exams.

Q: How about vegan or gluten-free options?
A: You betcha! Many Tacoma coffee shops are as accommodating as your grandma at Thanksgiving, offering vegan and gluten-free treats to go with your brew.

Q: What’s the average price for a cup of coffee in Tacoma?
A: Prices vary like the notes in a fine bourbon, but you can expect to pay around $3-$5 for a quality cup of coffee. That’s less than a pulled pork sandwich, and almost as satisfying!

Q: Are there coffee shops with amazing views in Tacoma?
A: Oh, you’ll find views to rival a perfectly marbled steak. Some spots offer breathtaking vistas of Mt. Rainier or the Puget Sound, making your coffee sipping a scenic delight.

Q: How do Tacoma’s coffee shops embrace local culture?
A: Just like a BBQ joint loving its local sauce, many Tacoma coffee shops feature local artists, musicians, and products, creating a delightful local flavor in every sip and sight.

Q: Are pet-friendly coffee shops a thing in Tacoma?
A: Bring Fido along! Many coffee shops in Tacoma welcome your four-legged friends as warmly as they welcome you. It’s a tail-wagging good time!

Q: Is there a season for coffee in Tacoma?
A: Coffee season in Tacoma? Why, that’s like asking if there’s a season for good taste – it’s always in season! But do look out for seasonal flavors and special events throughout the year.

Farewell for now, and remember – in the words of yours truly, JL Surjan – good taste is never out of style.

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