Prima Coffee Equipment

Prima Coffee Equipment: Discover and Elevate Your Brewing Experience

Hey coffee comrades, ready to turn your home into the ultimate cafe sanctuary? Prima Coffee Equipment is your golden ticket! Imagine the scent of fresh espresso from a machine that gleams like a coffee deity on your countertop. With Prima’s top-notch grinders, you can transform beans into liquid gold. We’re talking about gear that’s not just good; it’s “start-your-own-coffee-shop” good. So why settle for average when you can sip on spectacular every single day? Dive into Prima Coffee’s world, and let’s make your coffee dreams a reality. Gear up, get brewing, and never look back—your coffee, your rules. Let’s do this!

What is Prima Coffee Equipment?

Prima Coffee Equipment, folks, is not just any ol’ coffee gear supplier; it’s the crème de la crème for all things caffeinated. This is the place where coffee dreams take shape in the form of sleek espresso machines, precision grinders, and artisanal brewing tools. Whether you’re a home brewer looking to step up your coffee game or a professional seeking the pinnacle of coffee perfection, Prima’s the spot. It’s a haven of high-quality equipment where every product is a ticket to elevating your coffee experience. Trust me, with Prima, you’re not just making coffee; you’re crafting an experience. Consider me your coffee sherpa, leading you to the peak of Coffee Everest!

Prima Coffee Equipment

What Does Prima Coffee Equipment Offer?

Oh, get ready for this – Prima Coffee Equipment is like the ultimate coffee gear festival, and everyone’s invited! They’ve got everything a coffee lover could wish for:

  1. Grinders: Got beans? They’ve got grinders. From manual grinders that give you a mini-workout with every brew to electric ones that whizz your beans into finest coffee grounds.
  2. Espresso Machines: Whether you’re eyeing a simple single-shot wonder or a fancy-schmancy commercial brew beast, Prima’s got it.
  3. Manual Brewing Gear: For the hands-on brewers, they offer pour-over setups, French presses, siphon brewers, and more. It’s the artisanal coffee lover’s toolbox.
  4. Accessories: Tampers, scales, frothing pitchers, filters – the little things that make a big difference in your brewing ritual.
  5. Serving Ware: Once that coffee’s ready, pour it into something worthy. We’re talking mugs, cups, carafes, and servers that make each sip feel like a hug.
  6. Commercial Equipment: Outfitting a cafe? Prima’s your wingman, with everything from high-volume espresso machines to industrial grinders.
  7. Cleaning Supplies: Keep your precious gear sparkling and brewing like a champ with their range of cleaning tools and solutions.
  8. Coffee Education: They don’t just sell stuff; they educate with brewing guides, blogs, and videos. It’s like a coffee university, minus the exams.

Prima Coffee Equipment is your all-access pass to Coffee Nirvana. Gear up, because we’re about to explore more!

Different Types of Grinders: The Espresso, Cofee
and the Manual

In the realm of coffee, the grinder is king, and Prima Coffee Equipment holds court with a royal selection that caters to every type of coffee crusader out there. Prima Coffee Equipment’s grinder lineup is like the Avengers of the coffee world—each one with its own superpower!

Types of Grinders Available:

Burr Grinders:

These come in two types, flat and conical. They crush beans between two burrs for a uniform grind size, which is key for flavor extraction.

Prima Coffee Equipment Burr Grinders
Prima Coffee Equipment Burr Grinders
Prima Coffee Equipment Burr Grinders

Manual Grinders:

These are for those who savor the process. They require a bit of muscle but offer a rewarding, hands-on experience.

prima coffee equipment Manual Grinders:
prima coffee equipment Manual Grinders:
prima coffee equipment Manual Grinders:

Espresso Grinders:

Precision is the game, with fine-tune adjustments to get that perfect espresso grind.

prima coffee equipment Espresso Grinder
prima coffee equipment Espresso Grinder
prima coffee equipment Espresso Grinder

Shop Grinders:

Built for volume and consistency, these are the workhorses for cafés and serious home brewers.

prima coffee equipment Shop Grinde
prima coffee equipment Shop Grinders
prima coffee equipment Shop Grinders

Spotlight on Top-Selling Grinders:

Prima Coffee Equipment shines in the grinder department with a stellar lineup that’s sure to grind your gears—in the best way possible. Here’s the cream of the crop:

  • Electric Home Espresso Grinders: These are the trusty steeds for home baristas, combining convenience and quality drink to turn your kitchen into your personal coffee shop.
  • Manual Home Espresso Grinders: For the hands-on enthusiasts, these grinders offer a more intimate and controlled grinding experience, perfect for the artisanal approach.
  • Commercial Espresso Grinders: The heavy-lifters, designed to withstand the rigors of busy coffee houses with speed, consistency, and durability.
  • Blade Grinders: The budget-friendly choice, they chop beans with a spinning blade. They’re less consistent but great for a casual coffee drinker not looking to break the bank.

Among the top brands featured by Prima that are renowned for their quality are:

  • Orphan Espresso: Known for their high-quality manual grinders, which are a favorite among those who enjoy the manual brewing process.
  • Mahlkonig: A heavyweight in the grinder world, their grinders are celebrated for their precision and durability.
  • Mazzer: With a reputation for robustness and reliability, Mazzer grinders are a common sight in many commercial setups.
  • Option-O: An upcoming brand that’s making waves with their innovative and aesthetically pleasing grinder designs.
  • Baratza: A household name for many home brewers, Baratza offers a range of grinders that are user-friendly and produce a consistent grind​​.
  • The Speed Demon: A top-notch espresso grinder known for its lightning-fast grind time and unparalleled consistency.
  • The Precisionist: A manual grinder that’s as precise as it is beautiful, making it a favorite for the tactile enthusiast.
  • The Workhorse: A shop grinder that can handle the morning rush without breaking a sweat, maintaining consistency and quality.

Hand Grinders


Portable, affordable, quiet, and offer a satisfying manual experience. They’re great for travel and small spaces.

They require more effort and time, not ideal for large quantities or when you’re in a rush for a good drink.

prima coffee equipment Manual Grinders:

Electric Grinders for finest coffee


Fast, consistent, and easy to use. They can handle larger volumes and offer a range of settings for different brewing methods.


Typically more expensive, louder, and less portable. They also take away the manual aspect some purists love.

prima coffee equipment Electric Grinders for finest coffee

Whether you’re a manual warrior or an electric aficionado, Prima Coffee’s grinder gallery has something that’ll make your coffee-loving heart go all aflutter. Each grinder type has its stage, and it’s all about finding the one that’ll play the lead role in your coffee ritual.

Prima Coffee Espresso Machines: The Heartbeat of Coffee Making

Prima Coffee offers a spectrum of espresso machines that cater to every level of coffee aficionado, from the casual sipper to the full-blown espresso evangelist.

  • Standout Models: Keep an eye out for machines with PID controllers for precise temperature control, pressure profiling for flavor experimentation, and machines with dual boilers or heat exchangers, which allow for brewing and steaming simultaneously without compromise.
  • Selecting the Right Machine: Consider your space, the volume of coffee you’ll be making, your budget, and how much time you want to invest in the brewing process. For the home barista, ease of use and maintenance might be key, while commercial spaces will prioritize speed and consistency. Always read reviews, watch tutorials, and, if possible, test out different machines to find your perfect match.

Home-Use Machines:

These beauties are designed for ease and convenience, often compact to fit snugly in any kitchen. Look for features like user-friendly interfaces, programmable settings, and built-in grinders for a seamless experience from bean to cup.

Prima Coffee Espresso Machines: The Heartbeat of  Coffee Making
Home-Use Machines:
Prima Coffee Espresso Home-Use Machines

Commercial Machines:

Built to keep up with the hustle of a busy cafe, they boast durability, larger capacities, advanced steam wands, and sometimes, multiple group heads for brewing several shots at once.

Prima Coffee Commercial espresso Machines
Prima Coffee Commercial espresso Machines
Prima Coffee Commercial espresso Machines

Top Espresso Machine Products:

Prima Coffee Equipment’s espresso machine collection is a lineup that’s sure to make any coffee lover’s heart skip a beat. Here are some top picks from their espresso machine offerings:

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine:

This machine is a favorite for those looking to achieve cafe-quality espresso at home. It allows you to extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, thanks to its dual boiler design​​.

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine:

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine:

Combining automation with customization, the Barista Touch provides a user-friendly interface and a built-in grinder, making it a hit for those who appreciate convenience without sacrificing quality​​.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine:

Lelit Bianca V2 Home Espresso Machine:

For the home barista looking to take their skills to the next level, the Lelit Bianca V2 offers fine control over pressure, allowing for a tailored espresso experience​​.

Lelit Bianca V2 Home Espresso Machine:

La Marzocco Strada S Espresso Machine:

A name that resounds in the coffee industry, La Marzocco’s Strada S is the epitome of an espresso machine with a reputation for its reliability and performance in commercial settings​​.

La Marzocco Strada S Espresso Machine:

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine:

Designed for high volume and ease of use, this machine is equipped with features like auto-steam and volumetric dosing, making it a solid choice for busy venues​​.

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Machine:

UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine:

This machine provides consistency and reliability, with volumetric dosing and options for multiple groups, accommodating settings from small cafes to high-demand environments​​.

UNIC Classic Volumetric Espresso Machine:

Each machine has its unique set of features tailored to different needs, from the precision and control desired by home espresso aficionados to the durability and speed required in a commercial context. When selecting the right machine, consider factors such as your space, volume of use, budget, and the specific features that cater to your brewing style and preferences.

Prima Coffee Espresso Equipment Manual
Brewing Essentials

Prima Coffee espresso equipment offers a variety of manual brewing products that cater to different preferences and brewing styles. Here’s a snapshot of the best in their manual brewing lineup:

Prima Coffee Espresso Equipment Manual 
Brewing Essentials


  1. Hario V60: A specialty coffee mainstay that allows for impressive control over the brew, available in various colors, sizes, and materials​​.
  2. Bee House: Known for its sturdy ceramic design and ease of use, compatible with Melitta filters​​.
  3. Chemex: Boasts an elegant design and produces sediment-free coffee, with options for paper, cloth, or metal filters​​.
  4. Kalita Wave: Features a flat bottom design for even extraction and is available in multiple sizes and materials​​.
Prima Coffee Espresso Pour-Overs

Innovative Designs:

  1. Tricolate: Offers high extraction rates and a hands-off brewing approach, with no pouring technique required​​.
  2. Espro Bloom: Known for its fast flow rate, allowing for finer grinding and higher extraction, with a patented micro-filter design​​.
Tricolate Coffee Brewer
Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Immersion Brewers:

  1. AeroPress: Offers versatility in brewing methods, is travel-friendly, and allows for a variety of recipes​​.
  2. AeroPress Go: A more travel-friendly version of the AeroPress, with all components bundled together​​.
  3. Clever: Allows for either immersion or pour-over brewing and doesn’t require a gooseneck kettle​​.
Immersion Brewers:

These manual brewers are popular choices for those who enjoy the hands-on approach to coffee making, allowing for customization and experimentation with each drink. Whether you’re brewing at home or on the go, Prima Coffee’s manual brewers provide options to suit any coffee lover’s needs.

Prima Coffee Equipment’s Diverse Product Categories


  • All Scales: The unsung heroes of precision in coffee brewing, offering the accuracy needed for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.

Espresso Scales:

Compact and quick, these are tailored for the espresso artist, fitting neatly on a drip tray and featuring a speedy response time for on-the-fly adjustments.


Brewing Scales:

Designed for the artisanal brewer, these scales combine precision with durability to withstand the rigors of daily brewing.



  • All Tampers: The cornerstone of consistent espresso, tampers provide the leverage needed to pack your grounds evenly for a flawless shot.
  • Palm Tampers: Ergonomically designed to reduce strain, these tampers fit snugly in your palm, making tamping a natural extension of the barista’s hand.
  • Traditional Tampers: Classic and straightforward, these tampers offer a time-tested design that’s both durable and effective.
  • Automatic Tampers: The revolution in tamping, these ensure a perfect tamp every time with just the press of a button, minimizing human error.


  • All Supplies: The nuts and bolts of the coffee brewing process, from the filters that keep your coffee sediment-free to the small wares that keep your operation running smoothly.
  • Filters: The gatekeepers of grit, ensuring only the smoothest of brews make it into your cup.
  • Small Wares: The myriad of essential tools that keep your coffee brewing process flowing, from pitchers to scales and beyond.
ESPRESSO Supplies:
ESPRESSO Supplies:


  • All Cleaning: The foundation of every great cup of coffee starts with a clean setup, and these products ensure that every brew is as fresh as the first.
  • Cleaning Wares: The arsenal you need to battle coffee residue and buildup, ensuring your equipment lasts longer and performs better.
  • Urnex Cleaners: The go-to for coffee professionals, Urnex products are specifically formulated to deal with coffee oils and grinds, leaving your gear spotless.


  • All Roasting: For those who venture into the realm of roasting their own beans, these supplies and accessories are the map to uncharted coffee flavors.
  • Home Roasters: Bringing the art of bean transformation into your home, these roasters range from simple stovetop devices to advanced drum roasters.
  • Roasting Supplies and Accessories: All the extras you need to roast, from scoops and stirrers to thermometers and cooling trays.
  • Cupping Supplies: The essentials for any coffee tasting, these supplies ensure you can assess your coffee like the pros.


  • All Equipment: The heavy machinery of the coffee world, these pieces are the backbone of any serious coffee operation.
  • Refrigeration: Keeping your milk and cold brew at the perfect temperature for maximum freshness.
  • Water Boilers: Delivering hot water on demand for tea, Americanos, and more.
  • Ice Makers: For when your coffee takes a cold turn, these machines keep it chilled.
  • Sinks & Faucets: The clean-up crew of your coffee bar, where every cup starts and ends.
  • Blenders: For when coffee meets ice and creativity, blending up frappes and smoothies.
  • Steamers: Creating the perfect microfoam for latte art and velvety textures.
  • Shelves & Display Cases: Where your beans, pastries, and gadgets take the spotlight and shine.

Water Treatment:

  • All Water Treatment: Protecting your gear and your brew from the vagaries of tap water.
  • Reverse Osmosis and Mineral Addition: Stripping water down to its purest form and then adding minerals back for the perfect brewing water.
  • Ion Exchange: Softening water to protect your equipment from scale build-up.
  • Catalytic Carbon and Particulate Filtration: Removing off-flavors and impurities for a clean slate.
  • Scale Inhibition: Keeping your machines scale-free and running smoothly.
  • Replacement Cartridges: Ensuring your filters are always fresh for the best water quality.
  • Water Test Kits: The first step in any water treatment process, letting you know what you’re up against.

Each category offers a tailored solution to a specific part of the coffee brewing, serving, or roasting process, ensuring you can craft the perfect coffee experience from start to finish.

Other Equipment Like Serving and Presentation

In the coffee world, how you present your brew can be just as important as how you make it. Prima Coffee Equipment knows this dance well, offering a stylish array of serving options that’ll elevate your coffee from a mere beverage to a full-on experience.

Prima Coffee Espresso Equipment Manual 
Brewing Essentials

Cups & Mugs:

  • All Cups & Mugs: From the first morning sip to the after-dinner espresso, these are the vessels that make each moment count.
  • Porcelain Cups, Mugs, and Saucers: The classic choice that brings elegance to your espresso or latte with its fine, smooth finish and heat retention qualities.
  • Ceramic Cups and Mugs: Hearty and homey, these mugs offer a touch of warmth and a dash of color to your daily brew.
  • Insulated Travel Mugs: For the coffee aficionados on the move, these mugs keep your java hot and your spirits high, no matter where the day takes you.
  • Glass Cups: Letting you see the magic as it happens, glass cups add a visual delight to the layers of a well-crafted latte or the clean lines of an espresso shot.


  • All Servers: These are the trusty sidekicks of the coffee world, ready to hold and pour your brew with grace and precision.
  • Servers and Carafes: Whether you’re serving up a single cup or a full brew for the crew, these carafes combine functionality with sleek design to keep your coffee tasting and looking hot.
  • Coffee Dispensers and Airpots: For when you’re brewing en masse, these dispensers and airpots keep your coffee at the perfect temperature, ready to serve a crowd without losing an ounce of flavor.

Whether it’s the solitary comfort of your morning mug or the communal cheer of a carafe shared among friends, Prima Coffee’s provide features, serving and presentation gear is designed to complement the ritual and reverence of your coffee routine.

Prima Coffee Equipment’s “Extras” Category

The “Extras” section at Prima Coffee Equipment encompasses a wide range of essential and cutting-edge accessories and tools designed to enhance your coffee-making journey. This collection includes precise tampers, chic coffee mugs, specialized cleaning solutions, and filter papers, ensuring you have a comprehensive selection of supplementary products to augment your coffee equipment and elevate your brewing experience to the highest rich standard.

  • Books:This shelf is a coffee lover’s library, stocked with books that delve into the art and science of coffee. From the history of the bean to barista techniques, these reads will steep you in coffee knowledge.
  • Coffee: What’s a coffee gear shop without the star of the show? Prima curates a selection of rich beans that is as diverse as it is refined. From single-origin specialties to robust blends, these beans are the raw material for your next great cup.
  • Threads: Show off your coffee allegiance even when you’re not brewing. Prima’s threads include branded apparel that lets you wear your coffee heart on your sleeve—quite literally. These threads are the uniform of the true brew believer.

Each extra that Prima offers is a tool not just to enhance your brewing technique, but to deepen your relationship with coffee in all its facets. Whether you’re flipping through a coffee-table book, sipping a finely crafted brew, or sporting a coffee-themed tee, it’s all part of the grander coffee narrative that Prima helps you weave.


Prima Coffee Equipment offers an intriguing collection of books and printed materials for those looking to deepen their understanding of coffee. Here’s a sneak peek into their library:

  1. “Terroir – Coffee From Seed To Harvest” by Barista Hustle: This book explores the concept of ‘terroir’ in coffee, akin to its use in winemaking, delving into how the environment impacts coffee’s flavor profile​​.
  2. “How To Make The Best Coffee At Home” by James Hoffmann: Hoffmann, a well-known figure in specialty coffee, shares his insights on crafting exceptional coffee at home​​.
  3. “Coffee Roasting: Best Practices” by Scott Rao: Aimed at home coffee roasters aspiring to go commercial, this book imparts advanced roasting knowledge​​.
  4. “The Physics of Filter Coffee” by Jonathan Gagné: For those intrigued by the science behind manual coffee brewing, this book penned by an astrophysicist covers it in depth​​.
  5. “The Coffee Brewer’s Logbook”: A logbook designed for coffee enthusiasts to record and share their brewing experiences​​.
  6. “The World Atlas of Coffee – Second Edition” by James Hoffmann: An expansive resource detailing the coffee plant, its cultivation, and processing techniques​​.
  7. “What I Know About Running Coffee Shops” by Colin Harmon: Drawing from his experience of opening four coffee shops, Harmon shares valuable insights on the business side of coffee​​.


Prima Coffee Equipment proudly offers freshly roasted coffee, so you can get brewing as soon as your gear arrives. The roasts are the craft of their own Business Operations Manager, Gregg Potter, who has been roasting as a side gig for years.

The selection generally consists of light to medium roasts that are suitable for both espresso and filter coffee methods​​. This commitment to quality in both their equipment and coffee offerings truly makes them a one-stop shop for coffee enthusiasts.

  1. Ethiopia Mt. Kayon – 12oz
    • Price: $16.80
  2. Kenya Uteuzi Jimbo – 12oz
    • Price: $16.80


Prima Coffee Equipment offers a fun and stylish selection of coffee-related threads. These items are a nod to the coffee culture and a great way for customers to show off their love for the craft of coffee brewing.

  • Lagom P64 Grinder Patterned Socks: $13.50
  • Prima “Pour” T-Shirt: $20.00
  • Prima “Brew Better” T-Shirt: $20.00

Each designed in-house with that genuine coffee spirit!


Maintaining Your Coffee Equipment with Prima’s Replacement Parts

Coffee equipment, like any other product, can experience wear and tear or occasional mishaps. Ensuring that your gear remains in optimal condition is crucial to achieving the best coffee quality. Whether it’s replacing burrs, refreshing gaskets, or other maintenance needs, Prima Coffee Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of replacement parts for various coffee brewers, grinders, and more, helping you keep your equipment in top shape.

Maintaining Your Coffee Equipment with Prima's Replacement Parts
  • SWORKSDESIGN Ditting 807 Spring Loaded Portafilter Fork: $200.00​​.
  • SWORKSDESIGN Bellows For Ditting 807 Single Dosing Hopper: $25.00​​.
  • La Marzocco Linea Mini Plumb In Kit (Open Box – New): $118.75​​.
  • Ditting 703035 – Undervoltage Release Switch for Ditting 1800: $159.44​​.
  • Ditting 703994 – KFA1403 Industrial Bean Hopper Insert: $61.46​​.
  • Baratza Sette Single Dose Hopper: $24.00​​.
  • Ditting Knocker Knob – Non-OEM Replacement: $4.00​​.
  • Bunn 34245.0000 – Ultra-2 Preventative Maintenance Kit: $74.99​​.

Maintaining your equipment with the right parts can indeed make the difference between a good cup and a great one. Whether it’s upgrading components for better performance or replacing worn-out pieces, Prima Coffee has got the parts to keep your brews at their peak.

Prima Coffee Equipment Commercial

Prima Coffee offers comprehensive services tailored for commercial clients:

  1. Advisory Services: They provide an advisory committee for new coffee shop owners, helping them navigate the myriad decisions that come with opening a business​​.
  2. Expertise in Equipment and Design:
    • Custom Equipment Curation: They curate the best equipment tailored to each client’s needs​​.
    • Expert Business Consulting: Advice from industry veterans on various aspects of the business​​.
    • Strategic Bar Design: Crafting efficient and aesthetically pleasing coffee bars​​.
    • Extensive Resource Archive: A wealth of information and resources at your disposal​​.
  3. Commercial Equipment: A wide range of products including water treatment systems, commercial coffee brewers, espresso machines, and coffee grinders​​.
  4. Personalized Support: James Weiler, with over two decades of experience in specialty coffee, manages commercial installations and provides personalized support throughout the entire process of setting up a cafe​​.
  5. Flexible Financing: In partnership with Approve Payments, they offer flexible financing options for amounts ranging from $5,000 to millions, making equipment more accessible for businesses of all sizes​​.

These services are designed to support commercial clients from the initial concept to the grand opening, ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the coffee industry.

Prima Coffee Learning Center

The Learning Center is designed to be approachable and accessible, making it the perfect place for both beginners and seasoned baristas to expand their coffee knowledge and expertise​​.

Prima Coffee Learning Center

Prima Coffee’s Learning Center is a treasure trove for coffee aficionados and professionals alike, filled with resources to help you brew better every day. This hub is categorized for ease of navigation, covering a wide range of topics:

  1. Grind: Details on different grinding methods, from espresso to hand grinders, and the types of burrs to use for specific brews​​.
  2. Brew: Insights into various brewing techniques, including pour-over, automatic, cold coffee, and siphon methods, along with essential accessories​​.
  3. Prep: Information on the preparation tools needed before brewing, like scales and tampers​​.

For a deep dive into the world of coffee, you can explore the Learning Center through the link:

What Sets Prima Coffee Apart in the Coffee Gear Landscape?

What sets Prima Coffee apart isn’t just the gear they hawk; it’s the whole shebang. First off, these folks are serious coffee buffs. They cherry-pick their inventory like a barista selects beans for the morning brew, which means you’re getting not just variety but the cream of the crop.

The Prima team doesn’t just sell you a gadget and wave goodbye. Nope, they stick around like the best kind of coffee buddy. They dish out killer advice, brewing tips, and in-depth guides that could make a coffee rookie feel like a pro. Plus, their customer service? Top-notch. It’s like having a coffee guru on speed dial.

But wait, there’s more! They’re not just about selling; they’re about sustainability and quality. Prima Coffee partners with brands that are as eco-conscious as they are innovative, so your coffee habit is doing Mother Earth a solid, too.

And let’s not forget their knack for sniffing out the latest and greatest in coffee tech. If there’s a new gadget on the market that can up your coffee game, chances are, Prima’s got it, tested it, and can tell you why you need it (or not).

In a coffee dictionary, Prima Coffee is that one friend we all want – knowledgeable, helpful, and always keeping it real. They’re not just a store; they’re a coffee companion on your journey to the perfect cup.

Prima Coffee Equipment offers several customer-friendly policies to enhance the shopping experience:

  • Free Shipping: Orders over $49 ship for free, making it easy to get your coffee gear without extra costs.
  • Price Match Guarantee: They ensure you get the best deal by matching the price of competitors.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: Simplified return process for a stress-free experience.
  • Expert Customer Service: Access to knowledgeable customer service for guidance and support with your coffee equipment needs.

These policies reflect Prima Coffee’s commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

How to Purchase Prima Coffee Equipment?

Purchasing from Prima Coffee Equipment is straightforward. You can visit their website at and browse their extensive selection of coffee equipment and accessories. The website is well-organized with categories for different types of products, making it easy to find what you need. Create your account and once you’ve made your selection, you can place an order directly through their website​​.

How Can I Purchase Prima Coffee Equipment?

Prima Coffee Payment Options and Security

Prima Coffee Equipment provides a variety of payment options for customer convenience and security:

  • Credit Cards: They accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • PayPal: For those who prefer to use PayPal, this option is available as well.
  • Wire Transfers & Checks: Customers can also pay via wire transfer or check if they prefer these methods of payment​​.

Prima Coffee does not detail their security measures on the payment page, but accepting major credit cards and PayPal often implies a standard level of transaction security, as these platforms have their own security protocols to protect users’ financial information.

How Does Their Shipping and Delivery Works?

Prima Coffee Equipment’s shipping and delivery policy ensures that your coffee gear arrives promptly and safely. Here’s a summary of what they offer:

  • Quick Shipping: In-stock items ship within 24 hours on business days from their centrally located warehouse.
  • Free Shipping: Orders over $75 with the free shipping badge qualify for standard ground delivery to the 48 contiguous states.
  • Delivery Services: Includes standard ground delivery (3-7 business days), two-day expedited, and next-day expedited delivery with various carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Saturday delivery and signature confirmation are also available for an additional fee.
  • Tracking Information: Once your order is fulfilled, tracking information will be emailed to you.
  • Damage Claims: They offer support for any damage incurred during shipping and will handle claims directly with the carrier.

For additional specific services or any issues, you can reach out to their customer service team for assistance​​.

Prima Coffee Community Support or Refund Policy

Prima Coffee Equipment has a clear return policy to support customer satisfaction:

  • Return Conditions: Items must be returned in the original packaging, in good condition, and consumables must be unopened. Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery, with a holiday extension for items purchased between November 1st and December 25th—they can be returned until February 1st.
  • Refund Process: Refunds are issued for the original purchase price but not for any shipping costs paid. Returns that need cleaning, repackaging, or are incomplete may incur a restocking fee of up to 20%. Refunds are processed within 14 business days after receipt.
  • Return Shipping: Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and are advised to use a trackable and insured shipping method.
  • Non-Returnable Items: Commercial espresso machines and distributor stock items are final sales and cannot be returned.

For support with returns or refunds, Prima Coffee’s customer service is available to assist via email or phone​​.

How We Conducted Our Research

When conducting my research on Prima Coffee Equipment, I delved into various aspects of their offerings, customer service policies, and educational resources. I navigated through their official website to understand their product range, including brewing equipment, grinders, and accessories. I also examined customer reviews and feedback to gauge satisfaction levels.

To get a sense of their service quality, I reviewed their shipping, return, and support policies. Additionally, I explored the Prima Coffee Learning Center for insights into their educational approach. Throughout, I aimed to get a holistic understanding of Prima Coffee’s commitment to the coffee community, ensuring that the information I gathered was current and relevant.

Final Verdict: Do I Recommend Prima Coffee Equipment?

As an avid coffee blogger, I definitely recommend Prima Coffee Equipment. Their wide range of high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and commitment to educating their customers sets them apart. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coffee connoisseur, you’ll find their selection and resources valuable. Plus, their attention to customer satisfaction with policies like free shipping, price match guarantee, and hassle-free returns only sweetens the deal. If you’re looking to elevate your coffee experience, Prima Coffee Equipment is a solid choice.

What really sets Prima Coffee apart is their dedication to coffee education. The Learning Center is a goldmine for anyone looking to deepen their coffee knowledge. This focus on education demonstrates their commitment to the coffee community, ensuring customers not only get great gear but also the know-how to use it effectively.

Moreover, their customer service is top-notch. In the coffee equipment world, having reliable support is crucial, and Prima Coffee excels in this area. Whether you need help selecting the right grinder or troubleshooting a brewing issue, their team is ready to assist.

All these factors combine to create a shopping experience that’s as enriching as it is satisfying. So, if you’re looking to make a coffee-related purchase, Prima Coffee Equipment should definitely be at the top of your list. Trust me, as someone who lives and breathes coffee, Prima Coffee is a choice you’re unlikely to regret. Dive in and explore what they have to offer – your coffee journey is about to get even more exciting! ☕🌟👌

Wrapping Up

Wrapping it up, my deep dive into Prima Coffee Equipment has revealed a brand dedicated to quality, customer satisfaction, and coffee education. From their vast selection of gear and freshly roasted coffee to their comprehensive support and return policies, Prima stands out as a resource for both coffee newbies and connoisseurs.

Their commitment is reflected in everything from the detailed buying guides to the hands-on approach of their Learning Center. Whether you’re gearing up, looking for a coffee fix, or seeking knowledge, Prima Coffee is well-equipped to serve all your coffee needs.


Here are more FAQs that could pertain to a company like Prima Coffee Equipment, based on common consumer inquiries:

  • How do I maintain and clean my coffee equipment? Maintenance tips are usually provided in the user manual, and many retailers offer guidelines on their websites for the proper care of equipment.
  • Can I purchase spare parts for my coffee machine or grinder? Most reputable coffee equipment retailers sell spare parts for the products they offer.
  • What kind of coffee beans should I use with my equipment? This can depend on personal taste and the type of equipment you have. Retailers often provide recommendations.
  • Does Prima Coffee offer classes or workshops? Some coffee equipment retailers host workshops or classes for customers to improve their brewing skills.
  • Are there any discounts for professionals or wholesale buyers? It’s common for retailers to offer discounts or wholesale pricing for professionals in the industry.
  • How can I track my order? Upon shipping, most companies provide a tracking number so customers can monitor their order’s delivery status.
  • What should I do if my coffee equipment is defective upon arrival? Retailers typically have a process for dealing with defective items, often involving a return or exchange.
  • Do they sell organic or specialty coffee beans? Many coffee equipment retailers also offer a selection of specialty and organic coffee beans.
  • Can I get a demo or trial of the equipment before purchasing? Some retailers may offer in-store demos or have return policies that allow you to trial equipment.
  • Is there a loyalty program for regular customers? Retailers often have loyalty programs offering discounts or rewards for frequent purchases.
  • Can I request a custom build or modifications to standard equipment? Depending on the retailer, there might be options for custom builds or modifications.
  • How do I choose the right grinder for my brewing method? The choice of grinder can depend on your preferred brewing method, and retailers often provide guidance on this.
  • Is there technical support available for troubleshooting? Most reputable coffee equipment sellers provide technical support for troubleshooting issues with their products.


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