What is Latte Art Competition?

Discover the Thrilling World of Latte Art Competition

Hey there, all you caffeine connoisseurs and foam frothers! You might think latte art is just for those fancy baristas in coffee shops, right? Nope! It’s an all-out competitive arena, baby! That’s right, Latte Art Competitions are where the real foam fighters come to strut their stuff. You’ve got mad latte skills or just love watching others go cup-to-cup? Well, you’re in the right spot. This guide is gonna be the espresso shot to your sleepy morning. I’m talking about where to compete, how to amp up your game, and even what to avoid if you want to be a latte legend. Ready to pour? Let’s get foamy!

What is Latte Art Competition?

Hold onto your coffee cups, my friends, because we’re diving deep. You might be thinking, “Latte art competitions? What’s that—a bunch of hipsters swirling milk?” Nah, it’s way more than that. Latte art competitions are the Olympics of the coffee world, where skilled baristas and homebrew heroes alike come together to compete in creating the most jaw-dropping, Instagram-worthy latte art you’ve ever seen. This isn’t your grandma’s smiley face in a cup of joe; we’re talking intricate designs, perfect symmetry, and colors that’ll make your eyes pop.

What is Latte Art Competition?
Credits to World Coffee Events

Think of it as the lovechild between a high-stakes cooking competition and an art show. Competitors go head-to-head, pouring their hearts (and milk) into cups, trying to impress judges who’ve seen it all. The stakes are real: trophies, bragging rights, and often, cash prizes. Oh yeah, and the eternal glory of being crowned the Picasso of Pouring or the Michelangelo of Milk.

Whether you’re a barista who’s been perfecting that rosetta or tulip design, or a casual coffee lover curious about the foam frenzy, latte art competitions are for you. But make no mistake, these events aren’t just for the competitors. Spectators get front-row seats to some of the most exciting, tense, and creative moments in the coffee world. You can even pick up a trick or two to impress your next Tinder date. So let’s make one thing clear: this ain’t your average coffee klatch. This is art, passion, and skill, all poured into one cup.

What is the Best Latte Art Competition?

In the world of latte art competitions, several events stand out as the most prestigious and challenging, showcasing the best of the best in coffee pouring artistry:

Milano Latte Art Challenge 2023:

This competition is a showcase of top-tier talent, featuring 12 of the world’s best latte art artists. The event spans three days, starting from preliminary stages and culminating in a head-to-head final match. The competition includes nine disciplines, and the champion is awarded a prize from Rancilio Specialty Invicta​​.

World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) 2023:

The WLAC is a globally recognized event where baristas are judged on visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in pairs, contrast in patterns, and overall performance. The top scorer in the final round is crowned the World Latte Art Champion. This event attracts high-level competitors from around the world, such as recent winners from China and Taiwan​​.

Taipei World Coffee Championships 2023:

As part of the Taiwan International Coffee Show, this championship includes the World Latte Art Championship, among other prestigious coffee competitions. This event is known for its high standards and attracts top baristas from across the globe​​.

Latte Art World Championship Open at Coffee Fest:

Coffee Fest has been a significant player in the specialty coffee industry since 1992, pioneering public venue barista competitions. The Latte Art World Championship Open is part of Coffee Fest and is known for its friendly yet competitive atmosphere, attracting leading baristas who compete to showcase innovative and exquisite latte art​​.

Latte Art World Championship Open at Coffee Fest event and the awards of the winner
Credits to Coffee Fest

Meadow Fresh NZ Latte Art Championship 2023:

This competition adheres strictly to the World Latte Art Rules and Regulations. It is renowned for its rigorous adherence to standards and guidelines, ensuring a high level of competition and artistic expression among participants​​.

Meadow Fresh NZ barista Latte Art Championship 2023
Credits to BeanScene Magazine

Each of these competitions has its unique charm and level of challenge, but all of them offer a platform for baristas to demonstrate their extraordinary skills in latte art. They are essential events in the coffee world, highlighting the artistic and technical expertise of the best baristas.

How do you Judge a Latte Art Competition?

Judging a latte art competition is a fine art in itself! Here’s how it typically goes down:

  1. Visual Appeal: First off, judges look at the overall visual appeal of the latte art. This includes the symmetry, the contrast between the milk and the coffee, and the cleanliness of the presentation. A messy cup or a design that’s off-center can knock points off.
  2. Complexity and Creativity: This is where baristas really get to show off. Complex designs that are executed well score high. Judges are looking for originality and creativity. Think beyond hearts and leaves; we’re talking swans, intricate flowers, or even faces!
  3. Definition and Clarity: The design should be well-defined with clear lines. Blurry or bleeding edges where the milk mixes too much with the espresso can be a sign of poor technique.
  4. Difficulty: Pulling off a simple heart is one thing, but creating a multi-layered tulip or a detailed animal design is another. The more challenging the design, the higher the score, provided it’s done well.
  5. Size and Position: The art should be appropriately sized and centered in the cup. It shouldn’t be too small or pushed off to one side.
  6. Color Infusion: The contrast in colors, from the dark of the coffee to the white of the milk, is crucial. Good latte art should have a striking contrast, with the white of the milk standing out against the dark background of the coffee.
  7. Speed and Efficiency: In some competitions, the time it takes to create the art is also a factor. This tests the barista’s ability to create quality art quickly, an essential skill in a busy café.
  8. Consistency: In many competitions, baristas are required to make multiple cups of latte art. The designs should be consistent across each cup, showing that the barista can reproduce their art reliably.

Remember, while the technical aspects are super important, judges also have an eye for the “wow” factor. A design that’s not just technically sound but also artistically stunning can really rack up the points. And of course, a steady hand and a cool head under competition pressure are the secret ingredients to latte art success. So, keep it cool, creative, and consistent, and you’re golden!

How do Latte Art Competition Work and what are the Rules?

In latte art competitions, baristas go head-to-head, creating intricate designs using only milk and espresso. Each competitor produces one free-pour drink, without the use of any extra tools, etching, or powders. Their creations are then judged against those of a competing barista. A panel of judges, typically comprising experienced baristas and coffee experts, evaluates each cup based on criteria like symmetry, contrast, creativity, and difficulty.

The competitor with the highest score from the judges advances to the next round, while the other is eliminated. The competition continues through several rounds, with increasing challenges and stricter rules, until a final winner is declared. These competitions test baristas’ artistic skill, precision, and ability to perform under pressure.

A perfect  cup of latte in the hand of a man
Credits to Fresh Cup Magazine

Here’s the lowdown on the general rules for latte art competitions:

  1. Time Limits: Competitors usually have a set time limit to prepare their lattes. This tests their ability to work under pressure.
  2. Equipment and Ingredients: Baristas often use standard equipment provided by the competition, but sometimes they’re allowed to bring their own. The milk and coffee are usually the same for everyone to ensure fairness.
  3. Judging Criteria: The art is judged on visual aspects (like symmetry and contrast), creativity, and complexity. Judges look for clarity in the design, proper use of space, and overall impression.
  4. Multiple Rounds: Competitions often have multiple rounds, each with different requirements. For example, the first round might be free-pour, and later rounds could involve etching or other techniques.
  5. Consistency: In some rounds, baristas have to make multiple drinks, and consistency between them is key.
  6. No Physical Alterations: Baristas generally aren’t allowed to use tools or implements to physically alter the shape of the foam. It’s all about pouring technique.
  7. Cleanliness: Workstations must be kept clean, and the presentation of the latte is important. A messy cup can lose points.
  8. Originality: While traditional designs like hearts and rosettas are common, original designs often score higher.

What is the Purpose of Latte Art?

The purpose of latte art goes beyond just making a cup of coffee look good – it’s a blend of skill, artistry, and a dash of coffee culture. Latte art is more than just a visual treat; it serves several key purposes in the coffee world:

  1. Aesthetics: It beautifies the coffee, adding a visual appeal to your drink.
  2. Quality Indicator: Good latte art suggests a well-made latte, indicating skill in espresso extraction and milk steaming.
  3. Barista Skill and Pride: It’s a showcase of the barista’s expertise and a source of pride in their craft.
  4. Enhances Coffee Experience: The art adds to the overall enjoyment of the coffee, making it more than just a beverage.
  5. Cultural Element: Latte art is a significant part of global coffee culture, reflecting trends and preferences.
  6. Marketing and Social Media: It’s great for cafes’ marketing, encouraging social media shares.
  7. Community Building: Latte art helps forge a community among baristas and coffee enthusiasts, fostering learning and inspiration.
Judges are judging coffee in the competitions
Credits to Fresh Cup Magazine

In essence, latte art elevates the coffee experience, merging aesthetics with quality, and plays a vital role in the culture and community surrounding coffee.

Top Pours From The World Latte Art Championship

The 2023 World Latte Art Championship, focusing particularly on the champion, Liang Fan from China. His approach was notable for its boldness and complexity. He broke away from safer pattern designs, choosing to challenge himself with highly intricate and difficult patterns. His work involved a unique combination of mathematical logic, specifically Boolean operations, to create visually balanced designs. This was a significant departure from the typical approach to latte art and demonstrated a creative use of technical skill to achieve aesthetic balance.

Liang Fan also brought some of his original designs to the competition, like a rooster, kangaroo, dinosaur, and a character he called “a little hero of Macchiato.” These designs were noted for their high difficulty level, requiring thousands to tens of thousands of cups of practice to perfect​​​​​​​​.

As for other top competitors, the 2023 World Latte Art Championship also saw impressive performances from Lu Daoqiang (China), Bala-Shao Sing Lin (Taiwan), Ryan Liew (Malaysia), Pachara Tubtimchai (Thailand), and Jervis Tan (Singapore)​​.


It’s clear that the championship was a showcase of extraordinary talent and creativity in the world of latte art. This is where the game gets serious and the cream rises to the top—literally. So if you want to stand out in the crowded field of foam, these advanced insights are your ticket to the big leagues.

Final Thoughts

We’ve brewed up quite a guide, haven’t we? From the why’s and the how’s to the pro-tips and pitfalls, we’ve covered this latte art competition landscape like a thick layer of crema. So what’s my personal shot of espresso on the matter?

Latte art competitions are where skill, art, and community come together in a perfect blend. It’s more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of coffee culture. For the entrants, it’s a chance to flex those barista muscles and strut your caffeinated stuff. For the spectators, it’s like watching the Coffee Olympics, brimming with suspense, skill, and a whole latte love.

If you’re just a casual coffee drinker, you might wonder if all this fuss is necessary. But trust me, once you dive in, you’ll get why this is more than just a passing fad—it’s a legitimate subculture within the already rich tapestry of the coffee world. And whether you’re competing, learning, or just soaking up the caffeinated atmosphere, there’s something incredibly enriching about it all.

So go ahead, dip your toes into the frothy world of latte art competitions. Whether you want to compete, learn, or simply enjoy the artistry, these events have something for every coffee addict out there. Until then, may your espressos be strong and your latte art be Instagram-worthy.


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