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Best Coffee Shop in Memphis 2023

Ah, Memphis! The land of blues, Elvis, and the Best Coffee Shops you can find. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “JL, isn’t this blog about bourbon, barbecue, and luxury?” Sure, but where do you think I fuel up before indulging in those delights? Coffee, my friend. Coffee.

Welcome to a caffeinated haven nestled in the heart of Memphis, where aromatic bliss and delectable brews converge to define the city’s ultimate coffee experience. As we embark on a journey through the bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods, our quest for the best coffee shop in Memphis unveils a tapestry of flavors, ambience, and community. In this dynamic landscape, where tradition meets innovation, we explore the artisans behind each cup, the harmonious marriage of locally sourced beans, and the inviting spaces that beckon both regulars and wanderers alike.

You can’t savor the slow-paced life without sipping a freshly brewed cup of joe. So grab your favorite bow tie, put on some jazz, and explore the rich, velvety lattes to the perfectly executed pour-overs, join us as we sip, savor, and celebrate the unparalleled gems that have earned their place as the pinnacle of coffee culture in Memphis in 2023.

What Are the Top Best Coffee Shop in Memphis?

Ah, my friend, narrowing down the top spots from our expansive coffee trail in Memphis is like picking my favorite bourbon—each has its unique charm! But for the aficionado seeking the absolute best of the best, here are the top picks from our Memphis coffee adventure:

Belltower Coffee & Wine Bar
Slide over to the sleek yet timeless vibe of City & State. This place serves quiet confidence in a cup. Every sip from their handpicked single-origin brews is a statement. It’s like donning a classic watch; you don’t need to shout when you’re this refined.And then there’s Comeback Coffee. The name alone speaks volumes. It’s nostalgia, memories, and darn good coffee wrapped up in one cozy package. With every sip, you’re not just getting caffeine – you’re getting a hug in a mug. And their affogatos? Dessert and coffee’s lovechild. Pure blisStarting off strong with Belltower. The sheer genius of seamlessly blending morning coffee moods with evening wine whimsy? Phenomenal. It’s the kind of place that makes you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Not just a coffee shop, but an experience. If they served BBQ, I might just move in.
city & state - Best Coffee Shop in MemphisCOMEBACK COFFEE - Best Coffee Shop in MemphisBelltower Coffee & Wine Bar - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis

Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk about coffee has me craving so let us all grab a cup of coffee and let’s continue to explore more:

Bluff City Beans

Bluff City Beans is where innovation meets tradition. Ever tried a bourbon-infused latte? Well, here’s your chance! It’s like they read my blog and said, “Let’s combine JL’s loves into one cup!” It’s the coffee equivalent of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich dripping in bourbon sauce – unexpected, yet oh-so-delicious.

bluff city beans memphis - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to bluffcitycoffee

Belltower Coffee & Wine Bar

Imagine a place where your morning coffee transitions seamlessly into evening wine. Belltower isn’t just about the beverages; it’s an experience. The ambiance here? Think of it as a fine bourbon – smooth, with an edge. Their espresso? As full-bodied as that brisket you’ve been slow-cooking for hours.

Belltower Coffee & Wine Bar - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis

Cafe Eclectic

The name says it all. A blend of quirky and classic, this joint serves up lattes with a side of old-school charm. With a menu that’s as varied as my taste in luxury watches, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

Cafe Eclectic - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis

Cafe Keough

Channeling European vibes in the heart of Memphis, Café Keough is where refinement meets relaxation. Their artisan pastries paired with a robust Americano? That’s what I call living the good life, without the rush.

Cafe Keough- Best Coffee Shop in Memphis


This isn’t your typical Humphrey Bogart flick. At Casablanca, it’s all about rich Arabian flavors, creating an experience as magical as a desert night. Their Turkish coffee is a must-try, and it’s as exotic as my collection of paisley pocket squares.

casablanca cafe - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis

City & State

Trendy yet timeless, City & State is the embodiment of quiet confidence. Their single-origin brews are like the tailored suits of the coffee world – perfect in fit and finish.

city & state - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits tyo cityandstate

Comeback Coffee

If coffee had a homecoming, this would be the place. Every sip at Comeback feels like reuniting with an old friend. Plus, their affogatos are the perfect marriage of coffee and dessert – like wearing sneakers with a tux, unexpectedly perfect.

COMEBACK COFFEE - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to

Dr Bean’s Coffee & Tea Emporium

Dr. Beans is the remedy for all your caffeine cravings. With roasts that are both robust and refined, it’s like the silk lining of a bespoke blazer – smooth and oh-so-satisfying.

dr. beans coffee & tea roasters - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits top drbeanscoffeeandtea

Crazy Gander Coffee Company

Unconventional? Absolutely. Worth the hype? Oh, you betcha. Crazy Gander pushes boundaries with their experimental flavors. It’s the wild child of Memphis coffee scenes.

Edge Alley | Restaurant

Located in the historic Edge District, this place serves coffee with a side of soul. The industrial chic decor, paired with handcrafted brews, makes for a harmonious blend of old and new.

EDGE ALLEY - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to edge_alley

The Hub

Ever wanted your coffee with a side of bicycle repair? No? Well, The Hub offers just that. It’s an odd pairing, sure, but then again, so is bourbon and breakfast. And trust me, both work surprisingly well.

the hub - Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to

French Truck Coffeehttps

Bonjour to flavors that transport you straight to a Parisian sidewalk cafe. The chic, vibrant energy here is as infectious as a jazz tune on Beale Street.

french truck coffee  Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to frenchtruck

Muggin Coffeehouse

Comfort meets luxury at Muggin. Their cozy ambiance, combined with top-notch brews, ensures you get to enjoy leisure at its finest.

Muggin Coffeehouse  Best Coffee Shop in Memphis
Credits to muggin_coffee

What are Coffee Shops in Memphis Like?

Memphis coffee shops, they’re like a love song—smooth, soulful, and just a bit spicy. Dive deep into the heart of Memphis and you’ll discover that its coffee scene isn’t just about the brew, it’s about the experience. Let’s embark on a sensory journey, shall we?

  1. Musical Soul: Memphis, the birthplace of blues, rock & roll, and soul, naturally infuses its musical essence into its coffee shops. Don’t be surprised if you find live jazz, blues, or acoustic performances enhancing your coffee experience. Sometimes it feels like Elvis himself might just walk in for a cuppa.
  2. Diverse Flavors: Just like its rich musical tapestry, Memphis coffee shops offer a plethora of brews. From classic Americanos to bourbon-infused espressos (my personal favorite), there’s a flavor for every palate. They might even have a blend as smoky as a Memphis BBQ!
  3. Artistic Vibes: With their bohemian flair, many coffee shops double as art galleries, showcasing local talent. It’s a visual and flavorful treat rolled into one. You sip on your coffee while soaking in the creativity.
  4. Historic Charm: Many coffee shops are nestled in historic buildings, offering a blend of the old and the new. Vintage aesthetics combined with modern amenities create a unique ambiance. Think exposed brick walls, antique furniture, and an espresso machine gleaming in the corner.
  5. Community Hubs: These aren’t just places to grab a drink; they’re community gathering spots. Whether it’s discussing local events, sharing BBQ recipes, or debating the best bourbon (a debate I’m always up for), you’ll feel the city’s heartbeat in these cafes.
  6. Southern Hospitality: Ah, the warmth of Memphis! Baristas greet you like you’re family. It’s common for strangers to strike up conversations, share stories, and maybe even give you tips on where to find the best ribs in town.
  7. Outdoor Patios: Given the beautiful Southern weather, many coffee shops boast lovely patios. Sip your coffee under a canopy of trees, sometimes with the distant hum of live music from a nearby venue.

So, what are coffee shops in Memphis like? They’re a blend of soulful tunes, rich history, vibrant art, community warmth, and of course, tantalizing coffee. Dive in, and you might just find yourself humming a blues tune with every sip.

Why Do I Need to Know the Best Coffee Shop in Memphis?

Ahoy, caffeine comrades! Ready for a brew-tiful revelation? 🚀 If you’re wondering why you should be in the know about Memphis coffee shops, let me spill the beans (and not the coffee ones, heaven forbid!):

  1. Brewed History: Memphis isn’t just a city; it’s a feeling. Coffee shops here are often nestled in historic settings, offering you a caffeine hit with a side of culture. So, you’re not just sipping coffee; you’re savoring stories.
  2. Musical Undertones: Ever had coffee that felt like a song? In Memphis, you can! The city’s rich musical heritage permeates its cafes. Get ready for a symphony in your cup, perhaps even a rhythm in your step!
  3. Artisanal Mastery: These aren’t your run-of-the-mill caffeine dispensaries. We’re talking craft roasts, unique blends, and baristas who might as well be coffee wizards. Your taste buds deserve this magic.
  4. Sip & Socialize: If you’re looking to mingle with the heart and soul of Memphis, coffee shops are your gateway. Locals frequent these hubs, making them perfect spots to catch up on local lore, snag insider city tips, or even discover your next favorite BBQ joint.
  5. A Different Kind of Brew: You might find brews infused with local flavors, like a dash of bourbon (because, why not?) or hints of southern spices. It’s coffee with a Memphis twist, and you won’t find that just anywhere.
  6. Mindful Moments: In our go-go-go world, these coffee shops are oases of leisure and relaxation. They embody the slow-paced southern charm, allowing you to pause, reflect, and relish life’s moments.
  7. Support Local: By knowing and visiting these local cafes, you’re directly supporting local businesses, artisans, and the Memphis community. And trust me, they brew their gratitude into every cup.
  8. Instagrammable Moments: For the social media savvy, Memphis coffee shops offer a blend of vintage charm, artistic vibes, and picturesque patios. Snap away! Your followers will thank you.

So, why do you need to know about this coffee shop scene in Memphis? Because each shop is a unique blend of the city’s history, culture, flavor, and soul. It’s more than coffee; it’s an experience. And who knows, with the right cup, you might just find yourself singing the blues or dancing like the King. Now, shall we toast with espressos? ☕🎵🎸

Wrapping Up

There you have it, my coffee-loving friend! As we bid adieu to this caffeinated adventure, remember that Memphis is a city that weaves its soul into everything it touches, including its coffee. From rich brews to musical vibes and smoky undertones, every coffee shop in Memphis has a unique story to tell.

So, whether you’re sipping on a cup of local blend, enjoying the rhythm of live music at a cafe, or adding a splash of bourbon to your brew, embrace the leisurely, refined spirit that Memphis offers.

Keep savoring the finer things in life, from the first sip of coffee in the morning to the last drop of bourbon at night. And, of course, keep exploring the world of BBQ, fashion, and everything that adds flair to your slow-paced journey.

Stay caffeinated, stay curious, and keep enjoying life’s symphony of flavors! Stay brewed, stay bold, and always be ready to raise a mug (or a glass) to the good times. Until our next caffeinated caper, keep it smoky, smooth, and oh-so-Memphis! Cheers! 🍖☕🥃🎶


Q: Does Memphis have any signature coffee blends?
A: You bet! Many local roasters have a “Bluff City Blend” – a concoction that’s as soulful and deep as the Mississippi River itself. But you’ll also find some roasts with hints of southern pecan, bourbon, and even BBQ smoke!

Q: Can I do a coffee and BBQ tour in Memphis?
A: If there isn’t one already, there should be! But for now, DIY it. Start with a robust coffee, then hit a BBQ joint, and perhaps end with a coffee-infused bourbon cocktail. That’s a day well-spent!

Q: How do Memphis coffee shops stay authentic amidst all the big coffee chains?
A: Memphis is all about soul, baby! Most local coffee shops have deep roots in the community, offering unique brews, local art, live music, and sometimes even a side of history.

Q: I’m a vegetarian. Can I still enjoy Memphis BBQ flavors in my coffee?
A: Of course! It’s all about those smoky, spicy undertones. Some cafes even offer BBQ-spiced lattes using plant-based ingredients. Memphis is all about inclusivity in its flavor fiesta!

Q: Cold brew or espresso – what’s the Memphis favorite?
A: While the sultry southern summers make a strong case for cold brew, the rich, robust notes of espresso have their own fan base. In Memphis, why choose? Have both!

Q: What’s the best time to hit a Memphis coffee shop for some local music?
A: Evening time, especially on weekends! Many cafes morph into soulful sanctuaries with live blues, jazz, or acoustic sets. Coffee by day, concert by night!

Q: How do I make my home brew taste more “Memphis?
A: Grab some locally roasted beans, play a little Elvis or B.B. King in the background, and maybe add a hint of bourbon or smoked chili to your coffee. Voilà! Memphis in a mug.

Q: Can I buy Memphis-themed coffee merchandise?
A: Heck yeah! Many local coffee shops sell Memphis-themed mugs, shirts, and even coffee beans. Wear your caffeine love on your sleeve… literally!

Q: Do any coffee shops in Memphis offer coffee tasting events?
A: They sure do! Think of it as wine tasting but with coffee. It’s a chance to learn, sip, and discover the intricate notes of different brews. A must-do for coffee aficionados!

Q: What’s the deal with bourbon-infused coffee? Is it a Memphis thing?
A: While not strictly a Memphis-only phenomenon, the city’s love for both bourbon and coffee has certainly brewed this delightful combo. It’s a harmonious blend of two of life’s finest sips.

Q: Why does my coffee taste like a smoky BBQ?
A: Well, buddy, you’re in Memphis! Our coffee beans might’ve caught some vibes from our famous BBQ pits. But seriously, some beans have a natural smoky flavor, especially if they’re dark roasted. Just think of it as a unique Memphis blend!

Q: Can I add bourbon to my coffee or is that a morning faux pas?
A: My friend, in Memphis, adding bourbon to your coffee is called “Breakfast.” Just kidding! But hey, if you’re in the mood for a kickstart with a kick, who am I to judge? Just remember to sip responsibly.

Q: How do I brew the perfect cup of coffee at home?
A: Ah, the age-old quest! Start with freshly roasted beans, grind them just before brewing, use clean, filtered water, and find the right brewing method that sings to your soul. And if all else fails, Memphis has got a coffee shop or two to help you out!

Q: Is it true that coffee can enhance the flavor of my BBQ?
A: Absolutely! Coffee’s robust flavor complements the smoky, savory taste of BBQ. Try using ground coffee in your rub next time, and prepare for a flavor concert!

Q: How much coffee is too much?
A: If you start seeing Elvis in your living room, it might be time to cut back. Listen to your body, and remember, it’s always good to balance that caffeine rush with some smooth Memphis tunes and maybe a sip of bourbon in the evening.

Q: Which is the best coffee shop to pair with a night of bourbon and BBQ in Memphis?
A: It’s like picking a favorite child! Each has its charm. But after a hearty BBQ and some fine bourbon, a relaxed evening at “Roast & Rhythms” with its old-school vinyl records might just be the cherry on top.

Remember, life’s too short for bad coffee, bland bourbon, or boring BBQ. Dive in, explore, and let the flavors of Memphis serenade your senses!



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